I’m Not Macey

I’m someone else, except for here. Here, I’m Macey Mac.

I’m twenty something, married, and I like to write. I have several blogs under my real name, so I keep busy. I wanted a new space on the internet. A corner of internet that is mine mine mine that I don’t have to share. So Macey Mac was born.

Sometimes I have thoughts that I want to share with strangers rather than with people I know, so I share them here. Possibly nothing consistent. Possibly nothing worthy of note. Possibly the next big thing.

Only on occasion do I delve into anything deeper than cupcakes, although diving into a world of cakes and frostings could be an interesting endeavor in itself, and I may, perhaps, do that one day. But until then, dreams of crème brûlée and shelves full of books will have to suffice. 


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