The Decisions of Being You

From an essay in 10th grade:

There are many choices I can make in my own life. Some are made for me, but I still have the freedom to make some decisions of my own. In my life, I am influenced in many ways by many people. However, I know that I am in charge of who I will be in the future. Nobody can teach me how to grow up, but they can help me to become a better person.

Some people may think that making their own decisions is too hard and not want to. These people do not realize the freedom they have, getting to choose how they live their life and how they grow up.

Fine, so I did some minor editing to the above. Mini Macey, despite her love for English, had yet to master their/there/they’re.

When I wrote this, I was going through what I refer to as a “transitional phase.” I wanted to make more of my own decisions, but there was still that whole I-am-just-a-teenager thing, so my parents were still making most Macey-involved decisions. However, I was finally at an age where they were allowing to me to make some decisions of my own, and it was glorious. It was freedom.

I saw the freedom in choices, in making decisions, in growing up. At fifteen years old, I realized that our choices in life define us. So wouldn’t that mean we’re always in a transitional phase?

Life is always changing. Every choice, every action influences the next moment. Every decision that we make, be it large or small, redirects our life’s path.

I pray for wisdom to always make the best choice, even when it’s hard. To make the right choice, even when there are consequences. To make the hard choice now so that my future can be brighter tomorrow.

You have the freedom to be whoever you want to be. It’s your choice. Your choices, your decisions—they will define you. The next choice you make will determine who you will be for the rest of your life.


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