Going Green

Once upon a time I was obsessed with blond highlights.

I’m anti-hair dyeing, but there are lots of nifty hair products for blondes, and I thought they would do a fine job of bringing out the slight natural blond highlights in my hair.

They did. My hair looked fantastic.

People were always asking me where I got my hair done because the blond highlights looked so natural. I was always happy to tell people that they were.

But then those blond highlights started turning green. Not blondie’s-been-in-the-chlorinated-pool green, either. More like wicked-witch-of-the-west green. So then people started asking me why I dyed my hair green.

The green highlights would not come out. I was forced to walk around with green highlights for several months until they finally faded away.

From my experience, blondes do not have the most fun.


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