20(ish) Facts About Macey Mac (the rest are lies)

  1. I’m married to a wonderful guy named Preston.
  2. I’m a young twenty-something.
  3. My favorite color is green.
  4. I’m a bit nerdy (especially if you get me on the right topics).
  5. I speak several languages.
  6. I’ve been to six foreign countries (seven if you count Texas).
  7. Combat boots are my favorites.
  8. I broke my arm in a laundry incident when I was in high school. (Don’t ask.)
  9. I have a small dog that is treated more like a small human.
  10. My nickname growing up was Peacock.
  11. In kindergarten, I insisted that everyone—including my teacher—call me Peacock.
  12. I sometimes stalk people (but it’s more of a side job).
  13. This is my sixth blog. (I only run a few of them still.)
  14. A squirrel once peed on my back.
  15. I’ve been known to don a wig on more than one covert occasion.
  16. I once found a flair gun while cleaning my room.
  17. I’ve never read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies.
  18. I like to cook.
  19. I’m an introvert who sometimes likes to fool myself into thinking I’m an extrovert.
  20. Embarrassing moment: One time I was singing in a restaurant bathroom and came out to an applause. (I now only perform in the shower.)

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