Peanut-Butter People Stick Together

I am a peanut-butter person. Quite frankly, I find it difficult to trust non-peanut-butter people. However, I won’t judge if you aren’t a peanut-butter-and-chocolate person, because I’m only that person when it comes to a Reese’s. Specifically one of the seasonal Reese’s, like the egg or heart or Christmas tree. You know, the ones in which the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is more in peanut butter’s favor than in chocolate’s.

Not surprisingly, my best friends, Bex and Liz, are also peanut-butter people.

Bex and I once had a picnic that included three different types of peanut butter. (Said picnic also included a candle, and thankfully we didn’t set anything but the candle on fire that time.) Liz buys a ginormous tub of Peter Pan peanut butter when we play chaperons for camps. There are strict no-double-dipping rules as Liz will neither eat nor drink after anyone. And, of course, a road trip is not complete until someone has filled her pockets with those little peanut butter packets from the hotel’s continental breakfast.

Peanut butter. The glue to our friendship. And a tasty glue at that.

peanut butter


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