Procrastination is my Super Power

I’m a last-minute person. My mom has always said that my biggest weakness is my tendency to procrastinate, but my greatest strength is that I always come through in the end. Obviously I never told her about the many papers I turned in late in college. But no matter, I did come through in the end, even if I did once turn a paper in a month late. (Turns out everyone forgot about it so I was the only person who turned it in at all, and I was exempt from the final.)

My poor mom, though, was affected by my procrastination. There were a few times in high school when she stayed up with me all night to finish a project that I had known about for months. (I didn’t bother with all nighters in college because I chose to get my beauty rest and turn my assignments in late. My mother would not approve.)

For the most part, procrastinating just stresses me out and causes me to eat lots of sour cream and onion potato chips (the wavy ones are superior), but it has, on occasion, resulted in some of my best work. I tend to get snarky when I wait too long to work on a paper because that’s the only way I can bother writing about a boring topic. Like obesity rates. I’ll just say that I ended that paper with an argument for why we should all buy more shoes. I got an A.

The good thing about being a procrastinator is that I’m pretty quick on my feet, which comes in handy when you realize you have to speak to the kids at church tonight and totally forgot. Give me a balloon, a rubber chicken, and a roll of toilet paper and I will give you a Bible object lesson.

Never mess with a professional procrastinator. 


7 thoughts on “Procrastination is my Super Power

  1. I would love to see how you linked obesity rates with buying more shoes. Love it!

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