You Look So Much Better When You Smile

Why you should smile:

  • Let’s start with the obvious. You are reading this post. That means you’re not only awake, but ALIVE. I mean, you may not feel super alive. But that’s okay because there’s…
  • COFFEE! It’s a thing and it exists and it makes hard days less hard. AND there are places that will make you super tasty coffee with lots of sugary goodness, so you can have liquid crème brûlée and gingerbread and Snickers. These kinds of places are frequently found in…
  • Target! Oh beautiful, for spacious skies… Sorry. No skies, just beautiful-ness found inside. Like cute socks and gorgeous stationary and lots of shirts that are…
  • Disney! Because breaking out into song makes life much more interesting. So getcha head in the game and go the distance and enjoy it all in…
  • Summer! Yes, there’s a light at the end of that long tunnel called winter. Said light includes lounging by the pool, late sunsets, snow cones, and sandals.
  • And also because you look so much better when you smiiiiile. I sang that for you, by the way.

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