Procrastination is my Super Power

I’m a last-minute person. My mom has always said that my biggest weakness is my tendency to procrastinate, but my greatest strength is that I always come through in the end. Obviously I never told her about the many papers I turned in late in college. But no matter, I did come through in the end, even if I did once turn a paper in a month late. (Turns out everyone forgot about it so I was the only person who turned it in at all, and I was exempt from the final.)

My poor mom, though, was affected by my procrastination. There were a few times in high school when she stayed up with me all night to finish a project that I had known about for months. (I didn’t bother with all nighters in college because I chose to get my beauty rest and turn my assignments in late. My mother would not approve.)

For the most part, procrastinating just stresses me out and causes me to eat lots of sour cream and onion potato chips (the wavy ones are superior), but it has, on occasion, resulted in some of my best work. I tend to get snarky when I wait too long to work on a paper because that’s the only way I can bother writing about a boring topic. Like obesity rates. I’ll just say that I ended that paper with an argument for why we should all buy more shoes. I got an A.

The good thing about being a procrastinator is that I’m pretty quick on my feet, which comes in handy when you realize you have to speak to the kids at church tonight and totally forgot. Give me a balloon, a rubber chicken, and a roll of toilet paper and I will give you a Bible object lesson.

Never mess with a professional procrastinator. 



nothingI took Saturday off. Not that I work on Saturdays. I usually use Saturdays to catch up with blog work or to clean (and by clean I mean fold clothes while watching a TV show) or to bake. But this Saturday, I did nothing. And it was lovely.

I read. I watched movies. I stayed in my PJs all day. I didn’t do anything I didn’t have to.

Sometimes I just need days like that. Days when I have no obligations to anyone else or even myself. Days that I tell myself it’s okay that I’m behind on the housework and everything else and just let it be and do absolutely nothing.

Nothing days don’t come often. Always take advantage of them.

Peanut-Butter People Stick Together

I am a peanut-butter person. Quite frankly, I find it difficult to trust non-peanut-butter people. However, I won’t judge if you aren’t a peanut-butter-and-chocolate person, because I’m only that person when it comes to a Reese’s. Specifically one of the seasonal Reese’s, like the egg or heart or Christmas tree. You know, the ones in which the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is more in peanut butter’s favor than in chocolate’s.

Not surprisingly, my best friends, Bex and Liz, are also peanut-butter people.

Bex and I once had a picnic that included three different types of peanut butter. (Said picnic also included a candle, and thankfully we didn’t set anything but the candle on fire that time.) Liz buys a ginormous tub of Peter Pan peanut butter when we play chaperons for camps. There are strict no-double-dipping rules as Liz will neither eat nor drink after anyone. And, of course, a road trip is not complete until someone has filled her pockets with those little peanut butter packets from the hotel’s continental breakfast.

Peanut butter. The glue to our friendship. And a tasty glue at that.

peanut butter


20(ish) Facts About Macey Mac (the rest are lies)

  1. I’m married to a wonderful guy named Preston.
  2. I’m a young twenty-something.
  3. My favorite color is green.
  4. I’m a bit nerdy (especially if you get me on the right topics).
  5. I speak several languages.
  6. I’ve been to six foreign countries (seven if you count Texas).
  7. Combat boots are my favorites.
  8. I broke my arm in a laundry incident when I was in high school. (Don’t ask.)
  9. I have a small dog that is treated more like a small human.
  10. My nickname growing up was Peacock.
  11. In kindergarten, I insisted that everyone—including my teacher—call me Peacock.
  12. I sometimes stalk people (but it’s more of a side job).
  13. This is my sixth blog. (I only run a few of them still.)
  14. A squirrel once peed on my back.
  15. I’ve been known to don a wig on more than one covert occasion.
  16. I once found a flair gun while cleaning my room.
  17. I’ve never read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies.
  18. I like to cook.
  19. I’m an introvert who sometimes likes to fool myself into thinking I’m an extrovert.
  20. Embarrassing moment: One time I was singing in a restaurant bathroom and came out to an applause. (I now only perform in the shower.)


If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

I’m always so impressed when someone can sum up something so big with so few words. Like this review of The Wizard of Oz:

Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again.

Okay, so maybe that doesn’t give off the normal Wizard of Oz vibe, but it’s all true. A perfect little summary wrapped up nicely with a bow.

Some publishing companies do this with books. You can open the book to where the copyright info is and find a one-sentence summary of it. Three hundred pages summed up in a few words. It makes me want to do a jig.

What would a post about simplicity be without mentioning the company that invented simplicity? Oh, yes. I’m talking about Apple. From their sleek logo to their minimal packaging, it’s all about simple. And simple sells.


Find the beauty in the simple things. It’s so out there, you might miss it.

What’s in a Name?

I’m in an interesting predicament here, in that I’ve basically given up blogging under my real name in favor of an alias. It was getting too difficult for me to keep writing, always feeling like people were judging me through my blog.

Why did I choose an alias? For some reason it’s easier to share my inner thoughts when no one actually knows who I am.

And why Macey Mac? My alias was inspired by a character in a book I read once. It’s also the name I use when I order at Starbucks. (Though they usually misspell it.)

I kind of like being a secret.

Going Green

Once upon a time I was obsessed with blond highlights.

I’m anti-hair dyeing, but there are lots of nifty hair products for blondes, and I thought they would do a fine job of bringing out the slight natural blond highlights in my hair.

They did. My hair looked fantastic.

People were always asking me where I got my hair done because the blond highlights looked so natural. I was always happy to tell people that they were.

But then those blond highlights started turning green. Not blondie’s-been-in-the-chlorinated-pool green, either. More like wicked-witch-of-the-west green. So then people started asking me why I dyed my hair green.

The green highlights would not come out. I was forced to walk around with green highlights for several months until they finally faded away.

From my experience, blondes do not have the most fun.